AI for Social Media

What You Need to Know

Do you rely on social media to build an audience, drive engagement with your brand and content, and convert prospects into leads or sales?
If so, you need to be considering how artificial intelligence can dramatically increase the revenues you bring in from social, while reducing the costs of social media creation and management.

AI-powered tools are being deployed today by brands to:

  • Create social media posts.
  • Figure out what posts work best.
  • Measure brand and trends across social platforms.
  • Write social ads.
  • Decrease management time and costs across platforms.

In this post, we describe how AI can transform how you do social media, then offer some practical use cases and vendors to start investigating.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that covers several different technologies, like machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, and more.
At their core, though, all of these technologies help machines perform specific cognitive tasks as well as or better than humans.
For instance, AI-powered computer vision systems in self-driving cars are able to identify obstacles just like people do, allowing the machine to take the wheel.
Your favorite voice assistant, like Alexa or Siri, understands your words just like another person, then responds in kind—all using AI.
Amazon and Netflix use AI recommendation engines to offer up products and movies you might like, making assumptions about your preferences just like a fellow product or movie enthusiast might.
While there are a ton of complexities to different types of AI, all you really need to know right now is that “artificial intelligence” describes many different types of smart technologies. And many of these technologies can have a serious impact your marketing career and performance.
That’s because AI isn’t just automation, though it may include elements of intelligent automation. AI takes things a few steps further.
These technologies analyze large datasets. They don’t just crunch numbers, though. They use advanced computer science techniques and superior computational firepower to extract insights from data. These insights can then be used to make predictions, recommendations, and decisions.
In the process, the most advanced AI systems actually learn to improve their predictions, recommendations, and decisions as they make more of them.

Why AI is relevant to social media

Artificial intelligence makes social media marketing better in two big ways:
Decrease costs — AI can partially or fully automate some of the more labor-intensive tasks that take up your team’s time, freeing them up to focus on higher-value tasks. That includes activities like scheduling and uploading shares, pulling relevant links and hashtags, and making research into what to post easier and faster.
Increase revenue — AI can also dramatically enhance the efficacy of your social media content and strategy, which translates into better engagement and results from your social media investments. AI can help you better determine which posts will be most effective, which audiences are most relevant, and which channels work best. It can even write ads that are more effective for you.
That’s because AI excels at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data, including finding signals from social media platforms, advertising data, audience data, and social media performance data.

The result?
AI has a ton of powerful use cases across different social media marketing channels, objectives, and disciplines.

Use cases for AI in social media

Social creation and management

AI and intelligent automation can help you produce sharable content for social media and then manage the distribution of that content.
Create social media posts faster. AI social media tools use historical social media data to learn what works and what to post next, then help you produce social media posts at scale.
Develop the right messages for each platform. AI can automatically develop creative and messaging in your brand voice across platforms, including on Facebook and Instagram.
Save time managing social. AI can analyze your audience and help you manage your work across different social channels.

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