Jérôme Berthier

CEO and Founder deeplink.ai

AI for Human Resources with Customer Testimonial

Why AI is important for Human Resources?
Where we can implement AI for more transparency and equity?
Testimonial from an AI HR process.

The talk is co-animated by Laurent Charbonnier (Loyco).

Human Ressources

Über Jérôme Berthier:

Jerome Berthier is Artificial Intelligence expert, CEO and founder of Deeplink and vice-chairman of Empowerment Foundation. He used to be manager of the AI department for the biggest independent IT company in Switzerland and he lead too the Innovation lab of the company within the famous swiss institute campus of Innovation “EPFL” before creating his own company.

He is an AI enthusiast and helps his customers to drive their digital transformation using this new disruptive technology.

But he is conscient that we are living through a new revolution, the Digital Revolution with impacts on all aspects of our lives: in ecology, medicine, education, employment, etc.

That's why as an expert in AI he is convinced that it's the experts' duty to help people to understand the coming challenges which will concern us all, not only the general public, but business as well, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as much as big companies.

He has decided, in added of his job, to join the Empowerment Foundation as vice-chairman of the board because he shares the foundation’s values: sharing knowledge of innovation, training individuals and companies in new technologies and finally keeping the human being at the center of this revolution to create a world of free choice.