How AI can be used to scientifically assess new products and disrupt industries

Can a company truly disrupt itself from inside out using science and AI? At Philip Morris International, we believe so. With more than 430 scientists working on a range of potentially less harmful products for adult smokers, we believe that scientifically substantiated products can make a difference.

In this session, you will:
- Learn more about how Philip Morris International is transforming itself through science and innovation
- Learn how computational biology and systems toxicology can be instrumental to scientifically assess new products across industries
- Learn about tangible, real life examples of use of AI/Big data in computational biology in the assessment of PMI’s novel products
- Learn how you can involve the wisdom of the crowd and researchers with unique scientific challenges to i. help find scientific breakthroughs and ii. verify your scientific results in a far more granular way than usual peer review processes (


Die Referenten

Dr. Florian Martin is Principal Mathematician at Philip Morris International R&D in Switzerland. Florian obtained his PhD in theoretical mathematics in 2003 from the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland; and holds two masters, in mathematics and in statistics. Florian has more than 15 years of experience in the field of mathematical modeling, computational biology and biostatistics. His current research focus in systems toxicology is on the development of novel network based mathematical models and computational methodologies aiming at elucidating the mechanisms of disease and toxicity.

Über PMI Science

PMI Science’s goal is to decrease the impact smoking has on public health. We are developing a portfolio of smoke-free products on the shores of Lake Neuchatel and are assessing their impact on individual and public health with rigorous scientific methods. Find out more on